Become Your Own Dream

Ever since I was young I dreamt of being a designer! I always saw the beauty in shapes, colors, textures, materials and their combinations.

After I finished school, my spatial and mathematical thinking led me to continue my education in the construction field.

I started civil engineering studies at Saint-Petersburg University in Russia. I was chosen to continue my education at VIA University College in Denmark studying Architectural Technology and Construction Management. After that, I went to Spain and got my Masters degree in construction engineering. Yes, I love to study, and after all, I went to Denmark again to get knowledge about city engineering, designing roads and airports.

And my dream of becoming an interior designer was still alive. Once I had my child, I realized that dreams do come true.

So here I am, in love with what I am doing, inspired and motivated. I get power from nature, geometry and the shapes in shadows, colors and their combinations. I convert my ideas and inspiration into an interior game that tells a story.

Are you curious to see what I can do for your space?  Contact me here.