Become Your Own Dream


   Since I was young I dreamt to be a designer! I could see always the beauty in shapes, colors, textures, materials and their combinations. My spatial and mathematical thinking didn’t let any chance after school to continue my education in the construction field.

  I stated civil engineering studies at Saint-Petersburg University in Russia. Than I was the luckiest one to get an opportunity to fill myself with Technical Architecture at VIA University College in Danmark. After all, I went to Spain and have got my Master degree in construction engineering.

And my dream to be an Interior Designer was alive. I felt it so unconditionally when I have got a baby. I understood the simplest thing! The dreams exist to become true and I am to be what I want to be. So here I am, in love with what I am doing, inspired and motivated. I get power from nature, geometry and shadows shapes, colors and their combinations. I convert all it into an interior game that tells the story where the owner feels home, comfortable and pleasant.

   I believe in the power of living spaces and interiors. We spend most of our time either at home or work, so why not give these spaces the attention they deserve?

I will do my best to lead you to your home dream!

Contact me today and lets see what I can do for your space.