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To me, interior design is something more than just a job, it is my lifestyle, so I take care of every detail in a project, searching for the optimal solution for every client. The main idea I always keep in mind when creating a space is not to lose the focus on the client's personality using fresh and innovative concepts.

My unique approach comes from offering packages that let my clients (even those with a limited budget) use my interior design services, knowing how much it costs at the outset. 

Often my e-design or low-cost online package attracts homeowners because it allows them to obtain all the necessary design information about their space before undertaking any work and it helps them to get an understanding of the project cost, timeline and what is really required for their project to be completed.  Even just having a second opinion or someone to discuss ideas can put my clients' mind at rest that they are making the right choices.

I also work with commercial clients, such as real estate investors, developers, hotel, business and restaurant owners.  I find they prefer my "Premium" package, where I can run the project from the start to finish.


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I design and manage the process from start to finish